Super Premium Petfoods

Benefits of ADVANCE Pet Foods

Pets make the world a better place. We want to make the world better for pets by continuing to improve and evolve our products with global science and local knowledge.

ADVANCE has been developed with WALTHAM, “The world’s leading authority on petcare and nutrition”. ADVANCE is manufactured by MARS® Petcare with over 45 years manufacturing experience right here in Australia.

ADVANCE is the most tested super premium pet food in Australia designed specifically for Australian pets, our unique climate and lifestyle.

We use the highest quality ingredients from approved suppliers and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) quality systems to ensure your pet gets the best possible food to lead a healthy long life.

Designed for Australian pets Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth, generally the climate is warm and temperate. Australians love being outdoors as a result of the climate and easy access to wide open spaces. We share this lifestyle with our pets as well and as a result some of their needs differ from pets living in other countries.

These being:

  • Feeding guides will differ dependent on – Summer & Winter or where the pet is kept (Indoors Vs Outdoors).
  • Mixed feeding is more important – More dry in winter and more wet food in summer.
  • Our climate can have and impact on ◦Skin & Coat Health
  • DNA Damage
  • Joint Health
  • Hydration

For these reasons ADVANCE has been developed using global science and is tested locally to ensure it meets the needs of Australian pets.