Fish and aquariums, they are the ultimate decorative pet. As you browse through an aquarium or fish section of a pet store will find a massive range of tanks and stands, medications, lighting, filtration and heating, also everything you will need in plants and accessories to turn your aquarium into something unique and personal to you!

With the choices of Gold fish, Tropical freashwater fish, American Cichlids, African Cichlids and Australian Natives, you are sure to find the right species to suit your aquarium needs and the suitably qualified person at a pet store can provide you with all the supplies you need to maintain them such as filters, chemicals, heaters, food etc.

The Ten Commandments of Fish Keeping

  1. Thou Shalt Not Overfeed
  2. Thou Shalt Not Put Harmful Objects into Aquarium
  3. Thou Shalt Not Give Your Fish a Tour of the City Sewerage System (or the local creek)
  4. Thou Shalt Not Bang or Tap Glass
  5. Thou Shalt Not Overcrowd The Aquarium
  6. Thou Shalt Observe Aquarium Inhabitants Daily
  7. Thou Shalt Do Regular Water Changes
  8. Thou Shalt Cover Aquarium Securely
  9. Thou Shalt Choose Compatible Aquarium Inhabitants
  10. Thou Shalt Consult with experts for Helpful Friendly Advice.