Is it true that dogs have owners and cats have staff? They say once you have had a cat you’ll never look back, well this is like music to our ears as we are cat lovers ourselves!

At Pet Supplies Australia we know there is a massive range of accessories for your feline friend. There are pet stores that have a huge range of premium foods and treats, from collars, carriers, beds and grooming essentials, through to treatments for worming and fleas, not to mention the extensive range of toys for all your cats needs, wants and desires.

There are also a significant range of books on cat breeds and cat care, and don’t forget any questions you may have, various pet stores with helpful, passionate staff who are there to give you the right advice.

Did you know that cats have a breeding season? This is usually around Spring – Autumn. During this time most pet stores will offer a range of kittens from your loving Short or Long Haired Domestic, to your breed specific like, Ragdolls, Devon Red, Burmese, Persians and British Short Hair, just to name a few. If you are buying kittens make sure they come wormed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped.

If a pet store don’t have supplies for the breed you were after, you can usually leave your name and number and they will followup with you when they get the supplies of your choice arrives when it is in stock.