Small Animals

These little creatures may be small in size but they are definitely not small in personality!
When you visit your favourite local pet store we encourage you to consider buying Guinea Pigs, Rats, Mice or Hermit Crabs. From a pet supplies point of view these are animals that fall into the category of Small Animals. As you browse through your local store you will notice supplies for these cute little critters that as a category are known as small animals. Small Animals make fantastic first pets for children, they are a great companion and are very low maintenance.

In your typical quality pet store you will find that they have a great range of different types of enclosures, some will suit for an indoor option and others of course for outdoors! There will be bright colours, as well as neutral earthy tones for the calmer small animal lover. Most pet shops stock all that is needed for a complete diet for your cute critter but it is important to bear in mind that starchy foods such as potato’s and avocado’s should be avoided at all times. Medications and supplements are also available to help keep your pet happy and healthy at all good pet shops. Make sure you don’t feed fruit or vegetables whilst worming as they will just avoid the water mixture, instead being hydrated from the other food source.