In the past, it was said that the three most commonly kept reptiles were Turtles, Blue Tongued Skinks and Children’s Pythons. Although these creatures are still extremely popular, the Reptile Revolution has begun.

Today at pet stores across Australia, you will notice that there is an ever changing trend in pets and there is no exception when it comes to reptiles. The range of reptile supplies are forever expanding and the pet store owners knowledge and experience grows so that they can provide you with the most up to date information available.

Within your typical Reptile Department or even a specialty reptile supplier they have something for everyone. If you are crazy about creepy crawlies or silenced when it comes to snakes the range of products at a pet store in Australia will delight you. When you visit a Reptile Department you will see plenty of options, with the facility to house such an array of species, and a massive range of enclosures and accessories, you will leave the store with an abundance of knowledge and all the right tools to get you well on your way in to the world of Reptiles.

When owning Reptiles there are many things you will need to setup and prepare so that whatever new family member you bring home, they will have a long happy and healthy life; Enclosures, UV lights, heat lights and fittings, substrates, food, live, frozen and pellet form and supplements, bowls and hiding rocks, and lets not forget all the plants available. These are the sorts of reptile supplies you can expect to find in a reputable pet shop.