Welcome to Kong’s!

Kong’s is a wholesaler and developer of high quality, value for money products to care for your pets, including, fish, dog and cat products, small animals, birds and reptiles. Our head office is based in Sydney Australia and we trademark a number of different ‘One’ brands which are designed, developed and marketed globally.animal group

The five major brands which make up ‘One Brands’ consist of: Aqua One, Avi One, Pet One, Pond One and Reptile One. In total there are some 3000+ products under these five brands.

One of the key factors that has allowed us to become leaders in our operating markets is the belief we have in forming long lasting, profitable partnerships. Whether it is one of our many manufacturing partners in China, or a pet retailer in Australia, being able to add value and deliver profits long term to all of our partners, is the key principle in the way we conduct business.

We also understand how important it is to continue developing and building well recognised strong brands that consumers love and trust. Our product development and marketing teams are consistently working hard to delivering more value to our customers and partners, whilst continuing to build strong and desirable brands.

So whether you are a small or large retailer seeking a one stop supplier for all your major animal groups, Kong’s is the choice for quality and great value for money!

The Product Development & Marketing team is based at the Sydney head office and collaborates with industry specialists and its regional offices around the world to gather new product ideas and develop new concepts to bring highly innovative products to market.

Innovation and product development are driven by a team of very passionate specialists at Kong’s, who are all lover’s of animals and pets, and ensure that any new product which Kong’s brings to market under any of the “One” brands, follow a similar philosophy – which is that it must be good for the animals and makes life easier for the owner. Currently, there are projects underway which are aimed at making electrical products more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. With close collaboration between our designers, scientists, consultants and engineers, Kong’s has invested significantly in the area of product development and innovation.

Quality & Testing

There are many stages within Kong’s product development cycle where products are tested by the Kong’s team of specialists and engineers. From the initial concept development and design stage, right through to when initial samples of new products are made. Often, products will go through a large number of fixes and improvements before finally being approved for manufacture. Most importantly however, is that Kong’s products are designed to be compliant with each country’s specific safety & electrical standards and testing is conducted by independent testing organisations to ensure all relevant requirements under law are met, or exceeded.

Davy Kong Davy Kong-Chief Executive Officer

Davy Kong arrived in Australia in 1990 with a container of products and a vision. He began by selling stock from the back of his car to aquarium retailers around Sydney and through years of hard work and persistence, built the business to where it is today. Davy’s vision is that the relationship between the company and its customers is of paramount importance. At every step, Kong’s is engaged with its customers to meet their needs and evolve to the demands of the market.