Pest Control

Pet-friendly and safe pest control services

Tips on How to Make Pest Control Safe and Pet-friendly

Most often than not, we only think about the effects of pest control on human bodies, forgetting that whenever we conduct pest control in our homes or offices, our pets are also affected by the harmful and toxic chemicals that are used to exterminate the pests that have inhabited our homes. 

Your pets, dogs and cats to be specific, can be poisoned by the pesticides and other chemicals used for pest control. Because they use their noses to explore and poke around, it is no doubt that pesticides and other harmful chemicals can be easily inhaled, absorbed, and ingested by them; all the more reason why whenever we conduct pest control on our homes, our pet’s safety should always be on our minds. Follow some of the ideas below to help you out secure the health and safety of your pets during pet control activities.

Use organic, all natural pest control products

Organic products are in the limelight now. Everyone is buying organic products, from food to personal grooming products; there is an all natural alternative to those that have been produced with chemicals. Because of the advancement of technology nowadays, even alternatives to pesticides are now available in the market.

For your pets’ safety, make sure that you buy all-natural pest control products when dealing with exterminating the pests that have inhabited your home. Always go through the label and ingredient list of the product you’re buying to make sure that there are no harmful chemicals used in it. By doing so, you are protecting your dogs and cats’ kidneys, lymph nodes, liver, and other areas of their central nervous system that are usually affected when toxic chemicals are inhaled and ingested.

Look in your kitchen for pest control ingredients you can use

Sometimes, we overlook the power of the ingredients we can find in the kitchen. Several ingredients in our kitchens can be an alternative to harmful chemicals when it comes to pest eradication and control.  Some of the best methods are:

  1. Honey spread over a bright yellow poster board and cut in 3 inches can catch and trap flies.

  2. Cinnamon can be put on surfaces as well to scare away ants.

  3. Beer stored in a jar and covered in plastic wrap can attract and trap the fruit flies that have come into your home through your bananas and other fruits.

  4. Oils such as cedar, citronella, and lavender can be used as insect repellent.

By using the ingredients found in your kitchen to eradicate some of the pests that inhabited your home, you are not only protecting your pets from harmful chemicals, you get to save money and protect the environment too.

Contain your pets during pest control

Pets are naturally curious; wandering around aimlessly, playing wherever their feet, or noses, take them. During pest control activities, though, make sure that your pets are contained in an area where there is no fumigation or disinfection activity ongoing. Put them in the kennel or a pet carrier if you have, to better ensure they won’t go wandering when the pest control activity starts. If carrier or kennel is not available, make sure that you secure your dogs or cats in a place that will not be treated with chemicals and other toxic materials.

If your lawn is going to be treated, make sure that your pets will not go there to play around as they might inhale and ingest the chemicals from the grass. For fish pets, you can cover their tanks with a blanket, towel, or any form of clothing for prevention of any overspray or droplets from the chemicals.

Call out the pest control experts

If DIY and organic stuff is not your cup of tea when it comes to dealing with the pests that have inhabited your home, you can call the experts in this field to help you out with this problem. Remember to inform that you have pets at home so they can better plan and execute the pest control activity to be scheduled on your home.

You can be assured that they are very well informed about this matter and they can deal with exterminating your pets while making sure that your pets will not inhale and ingest the bad stuff.

Safe Pest Control – Important for all

To conclude, as owners and families of our pets, it is our rightful duty to protect them at all times. When protecting our home from pests, it is also important to take into consideration the health and welfare of our pets. Take all the necessary precautions to ensure their safety. If all organic products are available and within your means, you can shift to using them as an alternative to the toxic chemicals present in the usual pest control products available in the market. Some kitchen ingredients can also help you out with this problem on your pests while helping you save some money and protect the health of your little animal friends. Experts in this field can be hired also if you want a hassle-free and safe pest control activity. These days, most of the pest control companies have the organic pest control option for you. It is advisable to call in expert pest control services as they are professionals and their products last longer than the ones that you would yourself prepare from the ingredients in the kitchen.

No matter what option you choose to follow, it is important that every step of the way, the health and safety of your pets are taken into consideration. After all, they are indeed a part of our family.