Poultry is a name given to domesticated birds kept by humans for the eggs they produce, their meat or feathers and who doesn’t like eggs for brekky? But Australians also are big believers in poultry as pets!

Are you shopping for pet chickens? A couple of popular breeds you might like to consider are the Lohmann Brown and Black Australorp Chickens. When you go and pickup your new chickens try to make sure all of these chickens are sexed and sold as guaranteed layers or that you can return them if they are not hens. It is a good idea to also make sure they are also all vaccinated and ready to be settled into a new home. You can start to expect eggs for breakfast around 12 weeks old, mmm yum!

Other breeds that are worth considering are Bantams which include Silkies, Pekin and Polish Bantams, as well as Ducklings and the occasional gaggle of Goslings.

Most pet stores will have a great range of coops and hen houses to select from for your new feathered friends and also a great range of quality foods to get your chickens happy and healthy and producing naturally organic eggs!! Poultry as Pets ……. Aussies say YES!!