Dogs; They don’t care if your different, if you lack fashion sense, what you drive, where you live or how many friends you may have. They are never ashamed of you or worried about fitting in, they just love and accept you unconditionally. That is why they are called mans best friend.

At Pet Supplies Australia we know there are some fantastic pet stores out there who have an extremely high standard of care and facilities to accommodate your puppy and sell you dog supplies. The Pet Industry has an Industry body, PIAA that has strict regulations when it comes to selling animals and rest assured that when you are dealing with a well known pet store that all puppy supplies sold should be of the highest of standards. Most pet stores will promote their PIAA membership on their website and even if they are not official members its very likely that they meet or exceed the specifications.

When puppy supplies are sold at a pet store its good to know that the product is of the highest quality since you are investing in a great new pet and want them to have the best. When you buy a puppy ask if the puppy automatically has a dogs lifetime guarantee policy on traceability and re-homing as many responsible pet stores and owners believe that the welfare of all animals is paramount and so should you.

You can usually expect a free 48 hour health check when purchasing a puppy from a pet store or breeder and all puppies should be micro-chipped, vaccinated and wormed. These are often included as standard but ask anyway.

There are many important things to consider before you purchase a dog; What size, temperament and what you have to offer? How much time do you have for socialising? And what products are required for you to purchase. When you have a general idea of what you want, we can assist you with breeds that will suit your needs.

Most modern pet stores will have a huge selection of Kennels, beds, vet quality products, premium foods, dog coats, shampoos and hygiene products, dog restraints, books and toys, toys and more toys, in fact your typical pet store these days will have everything you could ever need and if they don’t they can get it.